The National Marine Sanctuary "Classic"

The Classic is a free summer-long fishing and photo contest featuring all of the National Marine Sanctuaries across the United States, including Hawaii. The contest will begin on Saturday July 4 and end on Monday September 7, 2015.

Each week, one photo will be selected by judges at The Sportfishing Conservancy to win the weekly prize- a pair of Costa sunglasses valued at $250! The weekly photo winner will be selected by the photo that best represents the theme of the Sanctuary Classic (kids fishing, family fishing, etc.)

At the end of the contest (Sept.7),  $1000 Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation scholarships will be awarded based on 8 categories (up to one per Sanctuary)

• Biggest (looking) Fish

• Smallest (looking) Fish

• Best Conservation Message

• Guy Harvey Spirit

• Best Display of Responsible Fishing Values

• Most Family Oriented Photo

• Most Unique Looking Fish

• Largest Fish Compared to Angler

In addition, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation will also be giving away up to six autographed Guy Harvey T-shirts to the people that submit a photo of the most lion fish caught during the Classic period. More info under the "Lion Fish" tab on the home page.

Most (98 percent) of National Marine Sanctuary waters are open to recreational fishing and provide an incredible outdoors experience. NOAA Fisheries and NOAA Sanctuaries support sustainable recreational fishing. The "Classic" caters to a broad spectrum of recreational fishing enthusiasts and provides conservation and ethical angling guidelines for the casual angler.

While the primary purpose of the National Marine Sanctuary System is to protect the resources of these areas, their legislation also calls for allowing compatible uses which includes all types of recreation.

Last year NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries supported 50,000 jobs and more than $4 billion in local economies. These places continue to build stronger communities, support local economies and maintain coastal cultures - true American treasures.

A Summer-long Recreational Fishing and Photo Contest

• Free entry into “Classic”

• Each participant must agree to conservation guidelines and follow all federal, state and local regulations

• Participants enter and submit photos online

• Catch and Release encouraged

• Register online/ Enter with submission of fish photos

• Weekly prizes awarded from July 4 through September 7, 2015.

• 13 Grand Prizes ($1000 Scholarships) – will be judged for “best” photos based on the criteria above.

• The “Classic” Runs Summer long



The 2015 Sanctuary Classic helps demonstrate:

• NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries provide a healthful environment for kids and an incredible link to the outdoors

• NOAA Sanctuaries are open to and support sustainable recreational fishing

• NOAA Fisheries – manages / supports recreational fishing

• The “Classic” illustrates the benefits of light touch recreational fishing

• The “Classic” targets and caters to a broader, more casual recreational fishing base

• The “Classic” provides conservation guidelines to casual angler audience



Sportfishing Conservancy

"Recognizing that with privilege comes responsibility, the mission of the Sportfishing Conservancy is to empower sportsmen to fulfill and celebrate their commitment to their sport and to the real world conservation."


Student Scholarships

The Sportfishing Conservancy will award a total of eight (8) Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Scholarships, valued at $500 each to the parent or guardian of children [under the age of 18].