Terms & Agreements


I agree to follow all local state and federal fishing regulations.

I endorse the recreational fishing ethics and conservation guidelines.

I understand that fishing and boating may be dangerous activities.

Participation in the Classic consists of submitting photographs that are taken during the contest period (July 4-Sept. 7 2015).

The name/address and email of the person submitting the photo must be provided.

The weekly prize will go to the individual who submits the photo, regardless of who is in the photo.

I understand an individual can only win one weekly prize over the course of the contest.

The Sportfishing Conservancy reserves the right to not accept inappropriate photos.

I understand that fishing must take place in Sanctuary waters as well as adjacent waters.

Photos must be submitted by midnight Sunday to be eligible for the following week's voting.

The Grand Prize Scholarship can only be won by an individual under the age of 18 that best exemplifies the spirit of the Sanctuary Classic. The $1000 scholarship will be issued to the guardian of that individual.

Staff of the Sanctuary Classic will review and accept the winning photos at the end of each voting period.


Attention Hawaii Participants

If participating within the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary I agree to abide by these additional guidelines:

Fishing is limited to the following sustainable (pono) shoreline fishing practices:

Pole Fishing

  • Standard rod and reel
  • Bamboo pole
  • Circle hooks
  • Barbless hooks
  • Whipping lures (barbed OK)

Throw Net Fishing

  • 2” or larger stretched mesh
  • Daytime (sunrise to sunset) only
  • Spearfishing
  • Three prong spear only (no spear gun)
  • Breath hold only (no scuba)
  • Daytime (sunrise to sunset) only
  • Float with flag

No motor vessels
Paddle vessels OK (canoe, kayak, paddle board) 



Sportfishing Conservancy

"Recognizing that with privilege comes responsibility, the mission of the Sportfishing Conservancy is to empower sportsmen to fulfill and celebrate their commitment to their sport and to the real world conservation." sportfishingconservancy.org


Student Scholarships

The Sportfishing Conservancy will award a total of eight (8) Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Scholarships, valued at $500 each to the parent or guardian of children [under the age of 18].