Hawaii Specific Guidelines

The goal of the Sanctuary Classic in Hawai‘i is to promote safe and responsible (pono) fishing practices and to perpetuate the longevity of Hawai‘i’s delicate fisheries by participating in the longtime tradition of sustainable fishing. As fishers, we all have the responsibility to care for (mālama) our ocean resources.  By understanding the natural cycles of the ocean and all of its inhabitants, we can better mālama our resources and help secure fish for the future fishers of Hawai‘i, our keiki. 

Participants who wish to submit a photo taken within the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary or adjacent waters are required to use one of the following sustainable (pono) shoreline fishing practices:

Pole Fishing

  • Standard rod and reel
  • Bamboo pole
  • Circle hooks
  • Barbless hooks
  • Whipping lures (barbed OK)

Throw net fishing

  • 2” or larger stretched mesh
  • Daytime (sunrise to sunset) only


  • Three prong spear only (no spear gun)
  • Breath hold only (no scuba)
  • Daytime (sunrise to sunset) only
  • Float with flag

No motor vessels

  • Paddle vessels OK (canoe, kayak, paddle board)

Conservation International

The Sanctuary Classic in Hawai‘i is supported by Conservation International’s Hawai‘i Fish Trust. Hawai‘i Fish Trust’s mission is to restore nearshore seafood security through strategic partnerships and focused investment for the well-being of Hawai‘i and its people. Please go to the website to learn more about ongoing projects and programs of visit Hawai‘i Fish Trust on facebook.

Sanctuary Classic in Hawai'i Participant Honor Contract

All participants in Hawai‘i are required to acknowledge the following Honor Contract. Participants herby agree to adhere to the principles listed below and also recognize to be responsible ocean users and therefore stewards of the oceans resources.

  • Be respectful of the ocean and of other fishers
  • Respect the community and their fishing practices
  • Keep no more fish than needed for consumption 
  • Follow all state and federal regulations concerning fisheries and other marine resources
  • Use only the prescribed fishing gear (see gear type guidelines)
  • Fish from shore or from paddle vessels (no motorized vessels) - whether its spearfishing, throw net fishing, or pole fishing  
  • Leave fishing area cleaner than you found it
  • Practice good stewardship by removing or recycling old fishing debris whenever safe
  • Promote pono fishing by sharing traditional knowledge, skills and practices with others
  • Set an example for keiki and young fishermen so that fisheries of Hawai‘i are secured through pono fishing practices 
  • Promote family and community values that can center around the proper use of the marine resources of the area

Photo guidelines:

  • Photos must be taken in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine
  • Photos must be taken in the waters of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary or adjacent waters
  • Photo entries must comply with fishing principles listed above

Photos should attempt to follow one or more themes which the Sanctuary Classic in Hawai‘i is trying to promote, including:

  • Pono fishing
  • Traditional Hawaiian fishing knowledge
  • Keiki fishing 
  • Families fishing together
  • Sharing the knowledge of our kupuna
  • Ocean conservation
  • Community and family caring for the ocean and our marine resources
  • Keiki caring for the ocean and our marine resources 
  • Photos can reflect any act of fishing or show participants and families with fish



Sportfishing Conservancy

"Recognizing that with privilege comes responsibility, the mission of the Sportfishing Conservancy is to empower sportsmen to fulfill and celebrate their commitment to their sport and to the real world conservation." sportfishingconservancy.org


Student Scholarships

The Sportfishing Conservancy will award a total of eight (8) Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Scholarships, valued at $500 each to the parent or guardian of children [under the age of 18].